Marty Grimes x G-Eazy – The Famm

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[Verse 1: G-Eazy] Yeah, haha
Yeah, I do it for the the fam
Tryna put food on my table, going H.A.M
PYT says she knows who I am
Brows on fleek, she’ll do it for the gram
Loves doing drugs, she’ll do it for a gram
Body of a model, with an ass Goddamn
Leather jacket on, feel the limb that’s lamb
You be wearing fake shit, bro, that’s scam
Damn, leader of the squadron
Carry the team on my back
Feeling the weight but believe I won’t crack
Plots for this paper, I’m scheming to stack
YSL down when you see me in black
Always move forward, ain’t no need to go back
Work for the day I can say I can feed my whole family
Been dreaming of that
Listen, my day one that’s Marty G, camaraderie
Loyal, my soil is always a part of me
Shaped me into what I am just like pottery
Hop on these songs, feel like no one can body me, nope
Leave the party with two or more
Used to be underground like a sewer door
But I become impossible to ignore
And you know who I do it for

[Chorus: Marty Grimes] I do it for The Famm, Goddamn
Goddamn, Goddamn
Bitch, I do it for The Famm, Goddamn
Goddamn, Goddamn
I do it for The Famm, Goddamn
Goddamn, Goddamn
Bitch, I do it for The Famm, Goddamn
Goddamn, Goddamn

[Verse 2: Marty Grimes] Dam he’s so cold with it
If he want it, then he gon and get it
No limit when you put all of your soul in it
I’ve got so much riding on this
Influenced the lies from all this
Took a few tries for all this
Repping The Famm in this bitch
And I’ll never switch because I’m awake
And Some blood they be fake
But shit they just rotting away
So the plan is a Porsche for moms, Ferrari for pops
All my bros get a drop
Even granny could cop
Fuck it get her a yacht
Imma stay here on the clock
Making it for them
Over taking these forums
And they try to ignore them
But my niggas with me today
So get out the way because we are flooring
Underrated, underestimated
Love hearing Imma never make it
Swear to god that I’m dedicated
Super high, medicated
And they can’t match my cadence
They can’t find my fragrance
They don’t speak our language
My clique is so stainless
Going be quick and painless
The take overs arrangin

[Chorus: Marty Grimes] [Verse 3: Marty] And to think
I shouldn’t even be here
She was young with the news
A teenager in Berkeley, still finishing school
But she bent the rules
Put a pause on her life, for me
She had to give up all those partying nights, for me
Put up a fight, for me
And my pops let me roam
Learn on my own
Make decisions and grow
Imma make it all worth it
Imma take you all surfin’
Where the weather is perfect
And nothing’s uncertain
Cause it only The Famm and the ones we could trust
No need to discuss thats just who we keep around us


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